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Natural Mineral Drink

Sku: 16024AU/ 500mL
A rich and convenient source of natural minerals and trace elements

  • An abundance of naturally occurring minerals in every serve. BOOM.
  • A rich and easily absorbed source of naturally occurring minerals and trace elements essential for our body’s chemical and electrical processes. A simple and effective way to include plant-based phytonutrients (powerhouse cell protection) in your daily diet.
  • Hundreds of flourishing herbs wash into Austria’s alpine lakes, then into moors fed by pristine streams creating a miraculous biological process that’s been uninterrupted since the last ice age - enter Natural Mineral Drink.

In Austria's Neydharting Moor, hundreds of varietiesof herbs and plants wash from pristine mountain streams and combine with minerals deposited on the lake floor to create a rich natural deposit ofminerals and trace elements - the source for the mineral and nutrient rich mixturein Natural Mineral Drink.