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Green Gut Superhero

Sku: 62692AU/ $265.35 Value
Does your gut need a superhero? This pack is your new digestive best friend with some of our staple digestive support products including our PhytoGreens.

Does your gut need a superhero? Do you have an unhappy tum? Is your digestion sluggish? Well this pack is your new best friend. It contains some of our staple digestive support products to get your gut back on the right track.

This pack contains:
Axis PhytoGreens:

Kickstart your morning smoothie with this superfood powerhouse of 27 phytnutrient rich, alkalising green ingredients to supercharge your diet.

Mineral Supplement:

Boom! Hit your body with the minerals it needs. Mineral Supplement contains a rich blend of more than 30 vitamins and minerals all needed by your body.


Get things moving! Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer and encourages fatty foods to move through your system more quickly. This blend of soluble and insoluble fibre will help keep things regular.

Aloe Vera:

Say Aloe to your new digestive tonic! Our Aloe is a unique blend of ingredients to soothe the stomach and support digestion and gut wellbeing.

Axis TreBiotic:

Our first in the world blend of Pre-, Pro- and Post Biotics, this trio allows the good bacteria to flourish, optimises wellness and supports your gut barrier.