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Dish Wash

Highly concentrated, it's gentle on your skin while tough on grease and grime for sparkling clean dishes. Recommend using 350mL pump.

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  • From a 'green' standpoint Dish Wash is a superior product. Not only is it suitable for use in grey water and septic tanks, but its 'dish count' power is rated among the market leaders.
  • Biodegradable plant-derived surfactants lift food particles from dishes and suspend grease and oil in water to leave both your dishes and your sink sparkling clean.
  • This powerful pH neutral formulation cuts through the grease and grime yet is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.

You don’t use harsh chemicals on your body, so why would you use them on your dishes? Our gentle yet powerful Dish Wash formula uses plant-derived surfactants to effortlessly clean while leaving your hands soft and smooth. It suspends grease and oil in the water to leave your sink clean after rinsing.

Add a very small amount to warm to hot water.

As this product utilises a proprietary formulation, the details of ingredients are protected by intellectual property laws. All ingredients conform to the Modere safer product philosophy, and include:

Surfactants: The Dish Wash is composed mainly of plant derived surfactants that are readily biodegradable.

Dye: The product is coloured with food dyes.
Fragrance: The Dish Wash has a mandarin fragrance.

Preservative: The Dish Wash contains a preservative to maintain the product in a safe condition and prevent unwanted microbiological growth.

Anti-ingesting agent: The Dish Wash contains an anti-ingestion bitter agent as a safety precaution to discourage children and pets from ingesting the product.

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Sure, others claim to be safe, but have they been doing it for 25 years? We have. We pioneered safe, non-toxic products and demanded excellence from ourselves every day along the way. And still do. We don't compromise—you'll never see us use cheap ingredients, harsh chemicals, test on animals, or create lame products. This is our promise.


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