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Natural Mineral Drink

A rich and convenient source of natural minerals and trace elements.

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  • An abundance of naturally occurring minerals in every serve. BOOM.
  • A rich and easily absorbed source of naturally occurring minerals and trace elements essential for our body’s chemical and electrical processes. A simple and effective way to include plant-based phytonutrients (powerhouse cell protection) in your daily diet.
  • Hundreds of flourishing herbs wash into Austria’s alpine lakes, then into moors fed by pristine streams creating a miraculous biological process that’s been uninterrupted since the last ice age - enter Natural Mineral Drink.

In Austria's Neydharting Moor, hundreds of varieties of herbs and plants wash from pristine mountain streams and combine with minerals deposited on the lake floor to create a rich natural deposit of minerals and trace elements - the source for the mineral and nutrient rich mixture in Natural Mineral Drink.

"Depletion of minerals can be a big problem for athletes. I now take the Natural Mineral Drink every morning before breakfast and again before my evening meal. Combining Natural Mineral Drink with Adult Multivitamin plus Botanicals tablets each day helps me work through 12-15 hours of training each week, and balance this commitment with a full-time job as a Physical Education teacher."
– Clay Watkins, Modere Sponsored Athlete

Shake the bottle and take 10mL in a glass of water or juice before meals. Refrigerate after opening.


Q: What does the product do?
A: Natural Mineral Drink is a source of natural elements and trace minerals to enhance your diet.

Q: Are there other benefits?
A: Yes. It contains phytominerals, derived from plants and generally considered a more convenient form for your body. The site is renowned for its wide variety of minerals and trace minerals. It is an entirely natural source.

Q: Does it contain gluten?
A: No gluten or gluten grains have been added to the product;  however the product has not been tested for gluten. Please exercise caution. If your allergy is severe, speak to your allergen specialist first.

Q: Is it suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use it to replace foods in my diet?
A: No. It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet, not as a means to replace dietary components.

Alpine moor mineral extract, purified water.

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Sure, others claim to be safe, but have they been doing it for 25 years? We have. We pioneered safe, non-toxic products and demanded excellence from ourselves every day along the way. And still do. We don't compromise—you'll never see us use cheap ingredients, harsh chemicals, test on animals, or create lame products. This is our promise.


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