• Shopping

    • How can I pay for my order?

      You can pay using either a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. EFT deposit to our bank account is also available – details about how to complete this will appear when you choose EFT.

    • Can I pay for my products using Afterpay, zipPay or other digital forms of Layby?

      At this point in time these alternative payment methods are not available, as they are not compatible with our internal software.

    • After checkout is complete, am I able to add, change or cancel my order?

      You can add, change or cancel your order up until the order is submitted. If you need to cancel an order after it has been submitted please refer to the Modere Returns and Exchanges Policy for instructions on how to return an order.

    • How does your shipping work?

      Most orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 2 business days of being placed. Our shipping rates are based on the weight of the parcel and where you live. We offer a Metro rate and Regional rate and also a cheaper 1kg rate (approx. 750g of product to allow for packaging). Rates are also available for orders over 25kg. As a general rule, freight to Metro areas is delivered within 3 business days from dispatch and to Regional areas within 5 business days from dispatch. Shipping is via the StarTrack and Australia Post networks. We cannot deliver to PO Boxes and encourage the use of Australia Post Parcel Collect and Parcel Lockers for a more flexible delivery.

    • Does Modere ship outside of Australia?

      No. Not at this time.

    • Redeeming Shopping Credits.

      New customer Share the Love credits require a spend over $50 (excluding shipping). All other shopping credit do not have a minimum spend. Your Shopping Credits will be deducted at check out.

  • Account Settings

    • How can I change my email address, reset my password, shipping address or credit card details?

      You can change all of the above information on the My Account section of your profile. Shipping address and credit card details can also be updated in the checkout process.

    • How do I opt out of marketing emails?

      You can click ‘Unsubscribe’ on any marketing email from Modere or send an email to unsubscribe@modere.com.au. We cannot opt you out of operational emails as they contain information that you need to know, we promise to keep these to an absolute minimum.

  • Smartship

    • What is SmartShip?

      SmartShip is a program Modere created to help you conveniently replenish your lifestyle essentials. Products on SmartShip will arrive at your desired delivery destination automatically according to the intervals that you choose. For example, if you know you will need Energy Shot every other month and Shampoo every month, SmartShip automatically creates a new order for you and ships your product to you according to the selected timeline. You can cancel at any time by logging in at modere.com.au and selecting the My SmartShip profile.

    • How can I modify a SmartShip order?

      To modify your SmartShip order login at modere.com.au and then select the My SmartShip profile. For detailed instructions, please refer to the SmartShip Procedure.

    • How do I cancel my SmartShip order?

      To cancel your SmartShip order login at modere.com.au and then select the My SmartShip profile and remove all the items from the cart

  • Product

    • Are Modere nutritional supplements compatible with each other?

      Yes. A combination of Modere supplements might be taken to meet your individual requirements.

    • Can I increase the dosage recommended on the label?

      No. The only time a person should increase the dosage on the label is under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

    • Can Modere nutritional supplements be taken during pregnancy or while lactating?

      Modere does not recommend pregnant or lactating women take Modere products without the specific advice of their health care practitioner. Modere also recommends that any queries relating to health and personal care during these times be discussed in consultation with an appropriate health care professional.

    • Can Modere nutritional supplements be taken while on medication?

      If you are taking medications or undergoing treatment for a condition, please consult with our health care practitioner prior to taking Modere supplements.

    • How do I know which Modere product to recommend?

      The best way to qualify each person is by asking questions. This will tell you about an individual's needs and help you suggest products suited to fulfil specific requirements.

    • How long before I feel the results of taking nutritional supplements?

      As we are all different shapes, sizes and are experiencing different levels of fitness and health, our response times will vary. It is not recommended for time limits to be put on the results of nutritional supplements. Some people will always experience results faster than others.

    • What is the difference between Adult Multivitamin and Adult Multivitamin Plus Botanicals?

      There are a number of differences between the two products. Adult Multivitamin provides a higher dose of folic acid and zinc. It also contains molybdenum and vitamin A. Adult Multivitamin Plus Botanicals does not contain molybdenum or vitamin A. It does however supply betacarotene, a vitamin A precursor, potassium iodide and has added grape seed and bilberry extracts.

    • Is it necessary to take Adult Multivitamin or Adult Multivitamin Plus Botanicals when taking Essentials?

      No. When taking Essentials multivitamin it is not necessary to also take Adult Multivitamin or Adult Multivitamin Plus Botanicals as this would be doubling up. When taking these products, please always read the label and use only as directed.

    • What is Natural Mineral Drink?

      Natural Mineral Drink is made up of a plant and mineral rich 'Alpine Moor Extract’ and contains a natural variety of essential nutrients, minerals and trace elements. The Natural Mineral Drink fact sheet contains more information about these substances.

    • Why is it better to take Antioxidant in the morning and Antioxidant Sustained Release at night?

      The combination of Antioxidant and Antioxidant Sustained Release provides a broad-spectrum approach. To maximise the effects of the individual products, it is best to take them at different times, preferably taking Antioxidant during the day for immediate action and Antioxidant Sustained Release at night for a sustained effect.

    • Why take vitamin and mineral supplements at all?

      Essential vitamins and minerals are not manufactured by the body and must be consumed in the diet. In an ideal world, we would obtain all our vitamins and minerals from our diet. Unfortunately because of lifestyle and dietary choices along with other factors such as stress, alcohol, caffeine, illness, injury and more, we may miss out on some nutrition. Vitamin and mineral supplements can fill these nutritional gaps.

    • Can Modere products be given to children?

      Natural medicines may contain substances not appropriate to babies, infants and children. In such cases, please seek the advice of your health care practitioner.

    • Why does Modere use fragrances?

      Modere products are designed to delight all of your senses and naturally this includes smell. With some products, the scent can be the natural result of the ingredients used. However, some products have fragrances added. The most commonly added fragrances are found in the Personal Care product range. This has led some product users to ask the very relevant question – natural or synthetic fragrances?

      The short answer is both. Safety is our primary consideration – and naturally occurring does not always automatically equal safer. For example, in 2003 Europe identified 26 natural fragrance allergens that required mandatory label identification.

    • M3 PROGRAM

    • How do I lose inches but not weight?

      The key is building lean muscle. Follow the M3 Pledge and supplement your post workout with the Modere Protein Shake of your choice. M3 Sustain is a protein shake with essential vitamins and minerals. Pea Protein Shake in Chocolate or Vanilla does not include added essential vitamins and minerals. Rather, it is a low carbohydrate and low kilojoule alternative.

    • Does M3 work with my specific health condition?

      Please consult your health care practitioner for your specific health needs. We cannot give medical advice or direction.

    • Is there caffeine in the Burn product?

      Yes, it contains 38.7 mg caffeine per capsule; 154.80 mg caffeine per day. This is about as much caffeine as in a large cup of percolated coffee or two cups of instant coffee.

    • Are the M3 products gluten free?

      Sync contains oat bran and as such is not able to be called gluten free. However, Burn and Sustain are gluten free.

    • Can we have a gluten free formula for Sync?

      All formulations will remain as is for now. There is no plan for a gluten free Sync at this time.

    • Can I use the M3 Program with meal programs such as NutriSystem or Weight Watchers?

      Yes! While we recommend following our Mediterranean-style diet, the M3 System can be used with other calorie-responsible eating plans such as NutriSystem and Weight Watchers.

    • Can we deviate from the snacks in the M3 meal plans?

      Yes, absolutely! But avoid processed, sugary foods. Sustain makes a great mid-morning treat - loads of protein and other essential nutrients. You can make up one shake and have half in the morning, half in the afternoon. Or change it up with a probiotic rich slice of a soft fermented cheese like Cheddar or Edam.

    • I'm a little bit caffeine sensitive, may I take the Burn tablets?

      No. If you are caffeine sensitive or experience negative effects after taking Burn, please stop taking the product immediately. If you are taking Burn, please take with food and never on an empty stomach. Please always read the label and use only as directed.
      If negative effects are perceived, stop taking the product immediately. If symptoms persist, consult your health care practitioner. As a general guide to better digestion, make sure you don’t eat and drink at the same time and chew each mouthful until food becomes liquid.

    • Can I drink coffee while taking M3, I know there is caffeine in the Burn capsules?

      Coffee and caffeine can help people stick to weight loss diets. If you are used to having coffee, you can continue to consume in moderation while on the M3 program. However, if you suffer any side effects associated with caffeine - jitters, sleeplessness, stomach discomfort - please stop taking Burn immediately. We also recommend cutting out sugar in your coffee, the empty calories can undermine any weight loss benefits associated with caffeine consumption.

    • Is the M3 Body System safe for pregnant or nursing women?

      No. The M3 System is not designed for pregnant or nursing women. We recommend that any supplements taken during pregnancy or nursing be used in consultation with your medical doctor.

    • Can we add fruits and condiments such as cinnamon to M3 Sustain and Sync?

      Yes, absolutely. Add any fresh or frozen fruits and condiments that are found in the M3 food list.

    • In the past week I have been feeling hot around my head and neck. I am keen to get some additional information on this product and some feedback please?

      Burn is a thermogenic supplement that increases heat production in the body through metabolic stimulation.
      If you wish to reduce your heat production, you might reduce your dosage. However, to avoid the sensation altogether you will need to stop taking the product. If the problem continues even after you have stopped taking the product, please seek the advice of a health care professional.

    • Can Sync be taken after dinner?

      Yes, if you prefer. Sync as snack after dinner can curb the desire to eat later in the evening. If you are hungry before dinner, take it before dinner. This will curb the desire to snack before dinner and will help you reduce your portion sizes at dinner.

    • Can Carb Blocker be used along with Burn?

      Yes definitely. They are very complementary. Take Burn in the morning and then Carb Blocker half an hour before you consume any rice, pasta or bread in your evening meal.

    • Can I drink the Sync for breakfast with fruit and then take the Burn tablets just on days that I don’t feel like eating a meal?

      Yes, you can do this. Flexibility is just one of the things we love about the program! Please make sure that you maintain the Mediterranean eating throughout the day and continue to have the other products at the designated time.


    • What is the benefit of switching from HDPE to PET?

      The new PET bottles are blow moulded at the filler to help keep the product free of additional contaminants, rather than having the bottles manufactured somewhere else and shipped to the filler. PET also has slightly better barrier properties. These changes help to ease manufacturing and delivery timelines and are a reflection of our commitment to being the industry leader in natural, clean and safe products.

    • Will my product be fresher now due to better delivery timelines?

      Since the bottles are manufactured at the filler, the bottles are in stock at all times. This change will help Modere get manufacturing fulfilled more quickly.

    • What does better barrier properties mean for me?

      Oxygen is a main driver of deterioration of flavour and effectiveness of a liquid. Having a better barrier property means less degradation of the product overall.

    • I see sediment at the bottom of my bottle now. Why?

      As with many natural products, settling is quite natural. Please shake bottle well before each use.

    • Will the clear bottle cause my product to degrade more than the white bottle?

      At this point, our testing has shown there is no effect of UV light on the formulas. To avoid any potential degradation due to light, we recommend storage in a cool, dark place.

    • What is the meaning of the recycle numbers at the bottom of the bottles?

      The number has no bearing on the quality of the bottle or its contents. It is simply used as a guide for the recyclers as to which bay the bottles need to be placed into.

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    • What is the recommended IT environment for modere.com.au?

      Operating Systems:
      PC OS: Windows 7 /8 /10
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      Internet Explorer 10 or later, Google Chrome (the latest version), Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Safari (Mac latest version, Safari for Windows is not supported).

      Smartphone/tablet OS:
      Can only be used on iOS 9.0, Android 5.0 and later various compatible models.